SLK Medical Center "Am Plattenwald" - Bad Friedrichshall

A new building was planned to substitute the SLK Medical Center "Am Plattenwald", Bad Friedrichshall. The new building is supposed to have a total area of 50,000m2 stretching over six floors.


Client / Building Owner HWP - Mr. Riebeling
Architect HWP - Mr. Riebeling
Time of performance / construction period 2012, 2013 (ongoing project)
Asset groups Heating, sanitary facilities, medical gases, ventilation and air-conditioning, electro-technics including heavy and weak current, elevators, sprinklers covering the entire hospital, fire extinguishing systems
Project Details

The hospital will provide about 357 beds of which 30 will belong to the Intensive Care Unit. The surgical ward will have seven operating rooms and another 16 beds will be available for outpatients.

In order to allow the constructor to make later changes pertaining to a basic inpatient care unit (E05) on the third and fourth floor, all necessary technical systems will provide additional resources. The following uses are intended:

  • basic inpatient care, surgical and conservative intensive care unit/intermediate care unit, cardiology, anesthetics, on-call service, outpatient care, surgical ward
  • hospital management, library, further training
  • emergency room, x-ray diagnostics
  • endoscopy, gastroenterology
  • counseling and social services, gynecology, dialysis
  • elective admission, functional diagnosis
  • multifunctional rehabilitation department, staff rooms, rooms housing the technology, food delivery, staff kitchen