New Building for Assisted Living

The rectangular layout for the new building was designed to attach the nursing home. The overground 5-story building has a connecting passage to the adjoining nursing home on the first floor.


Client / Building Owner Dr. Claus Breuer
Architect Bauorganisation H.J Schueller GmbH & Co. KG
Time of performance / construction period 2005, 2006-2007
Asset groups Electrical Engineering, Lightning Rod System, Fire Detection System, Emergency Call System, Sanitary Facilities, Heating, Ventilation
Project Details

The 32 apartments of the new building had been sited on all four floors. On the first floor, there are three stores and office space of about 280 m2 housing the Caritas and the German Social Service. The cellar has a garage and parking lots, as well as the usual cellar rooms providing space for all technical installations. The entire building is protected by a lightning rod system and meets accessibility standards. Every apartment is provided with a standard electric installation. Additionally, they are equipped with emergency phones which are connected with the ones supplying the adjoining nursing home. Corridors are controlled by fire detectors. Sanitary spaces offer barrier free shower pans. Sinks are also designed and installed in an accessible way. The cellar is equipped with a central gas heating unit. Corridors and the actual apartments are heated via tubular radiators – all master bedrooms provide steel panel radiators. Bathrooms also have individual radiators, as well as heating coils that manage the recirculation under the floor screed. Every apartment has a small kitchen. Stores and offices located in the annex have a mechanical ventilation system without AC, (de-)humidification, tubular radiators, floor convectors, common sanitary facilities, and standard installations of electrical engineering including the distribution to all floors.