Hematology Department

All technical facilities used in laboratories were replaced; inpatient and outpatient rooms and every other room located in the east wing were renovated.


Client / Building Owner Institute for Experimental Hematology and Transfusion Medicine- Installations, 2. Phase Of Construction
Architect W.Frueh
Time of performance / construction period 2005-2010, 2008 (preliminary measures)
Phases of Construction LP3 – LP8
GFA 6,111.12m²
Project Details

In the second phase of construction, laboratories, doctors' offices, and every other room located in the east wing were updated in their technical facilities. In smaller phases of construction, rooms and departments of the west wing are going to be renovated. The second phase of construction includes an overall extension of the ventilation/air-conditioning and cold water supply system. It also includes a special redundancy concept that has diverse security levels, and the construction of a “Good Manufacturing Practice” Department on the third floor that respects strict safety requirements (classification D-B, and A in Laminar Flow Constructions) regarding the creation of plasma and other active agents needed in the hospital.