Institute for Food Technology, Hohenheim

A new building was planned for the Institute For Food Technology, University of Hohenheim.


Client / Building Owner Vermoegen und Bau Baden- Wuerttemberg
Time of performance / construction period 2004-2007, 2006-2008 (completed)
Phases of Construction LP2-LP8
GFA 4.065m²
Project Details

The new building for the Institute For Food Technology was equipped with the following features:

  • Laboratories for scientific researches on creating food on an industrial scale
  • Adjustable laboratory concept with individual ducts for each lab; by using an intelligent fire protection concept, no fire dampers are needed
  • Areas fulfilling biological safety requirements (II)
  • A part of the building is equipped with concrete core temperature control

Planning technical building services includes:

  • Sanitary facilities, including laboratory gas supply, ca. 610,000€
  • Heat supply system, distant heating 550 kW, 255,000€
  • Refrigeration facility, 275 kW, including cooling and air-conditioning cells 680,000€
  • Ventilation system, 4 central appliances managing 32.600 m³/h, a solar-assisted air-conditioning system for certain rooms, safe lab exhaust system 465,000€
  • Control system 185,000€
  • Technical installations and supply for laboratories, 770,000€
  • Technical appliances for outside installations 25,000€